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Find The Perfect Message For Your Christian Birthday Card

Birthday card messages have a special place in my heart, because a birthday to me is a very special event. It is the day God chose to let you take your first breath. You had no control over it. It is a gift.

Celebrating one’s birthday is acknowledging that which God has given you. He not only gave you breath, but your own personality and talents. This is something to be thankful for.

birthday card messages Giving someone a scripture on their birthday is something very personal to me. In order to give the appropriate verse, you should know that person and have spent some time with him/her. You should also have some insight into that person’s spiritual life.

Before I choose a scripture verse for someone, I meditate on that person. I think about how I experience that person. Then I ask God to give me a specific scripture for the specific time in the person’s life. Through the scripture I give, I would like to encourage that person to grow in his/her spiritual life. I ask God to give me an “in season” scripture. I allow the Holy Spirit to either remind me of or lead me to a scripture. I will normally go through a few scriptures or read a passage before I decide which one to use. Part of my search is also consulting different versions of the specific scripture.

I prefer to make the card as personal as possible. If I know what the person’s favorite color is, I would choose one with that color. I will also think about what interests that person has. It is important to listen to people when you interact with them. People usually tell you what they like. I also take note of how people dress. That gives me insight into their personality.

I prefer to use a blank card. If I buy a card, I usually pick one with few words. That gives me more space to write the words that’s on my heart. Sometimes I find a card with words I cannot improve on and then I just add a scripture verse, but that happens occasionally.

I like choosing verses from Psalms or Proverbs. They have a balanced variety of encouragement, instructions and thankfulness. I am however not bound to just those two books. Even the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah have useful scriptures. Also the apostles’ writings provide ample verses to choose from. I also find that daily devotionals provide me with lovely scriptures to use, because they have been pre-selected to convey a specific message.

Even Christian diaries have bible verses for each day to select from.

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