Birthday Prayer For Yourself

What To Pray For Yourself On Your Birthday ?

- Be Blessed By This Sample Birthday Prayer -

~ Birthday Prayer For Yourself ~

Dear Lord,
Here I am Lord before you, because it’s my Birthday and I want to pray for myself.

Thank you for my life, ordained and set out by You! Thank you for choosing me – to come to the earth and be an instrument..

Thank you for GRACE, SALVATION, MERCY, LOVE and all the other many things you bless me with. I realize that health, strength, sanity, ability, relationships, experiences and trials are there to bless me and keep me close to you.

A year has passed and as I do every day, I commit my life to You, under Your Kingship and wing. Guide, forgive and empower me this year to make it a victorious fulfilling and awesome year, all to Your glory!

Thank you for the privilege to Praise and Worship You!


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