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How To Pray For The Birthday Person

Happy Birthday Prayer Samples

The Birthday Prayer tips on this page will be very helpful as to how to prepare yourself to pray for a person on his/her birthday.

This kind of prayer is in essence the most important part of being able to bless someone. It is the act of humbling oneself in the presence of Almighty God, with the sole aim of hearing His voice. His voice will tell you what each person is to receive.

Birthday prayer involves letting go of praying only for yourself, but solely for the person/s whom you're wanting to bless. We all know how to love ourselves, but more is required when we pray for others.

A kind heart and real love are key ingredients when praying. You can after all, only bless after you've been blessed. That's what God does every time - He blesses us first, so that we are able to bless others again.

Start with the following sample prayer that will help you hear God's voice regarding the birthday person's needs.

Dear Lord

Thank you for the priviledge of praying for ________. Thank you that you love ________ and died for him/her. Today is the day I need your Holy Spirit to guide and direct me in the way that I should go in preparing for the special birthday wish you want me to convey. Make it real, relevant and only from You.

Thank you that you love, guide and honor our requests.


Happy Birthday Prayer Samples

Sometimes one just needs an example to get you going with the "right" words for your prayer, or you need an idea to put you onto what you actually had in mind to pray. We trust that these examples will do just that. Be blessed!

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Birthday Sample Prayer For Yourself

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