Birthday Scripture Revealed

Learn How To Be The Channel In Receiving The Perfect Bible Birthday Verse

A Birthday Scripture serves to edify, bless and encourage the person celebrating their birthday. It is Holy Spirit inspired and mostly elaborated on to encourage the person to stay close to God.

It is indeed special when this scripture speaks to the heart and spirit of the receiver. Our purpose is to build up and esteem others around us as high as God does.

All scripture is inspired by our Father, God Almighty. That's also true of birthday Bible verses. So allow the Holy Spirit to direct you as to which verses are fitting and spot on for the person having a birthday.

God holds this person so dear that He died for him/her, so do not do anything from your own abilities, but be the channel or instrument that God intended.

Just be available. Set aside enough time for prayer & seeking God's face so as to 'say' what He wants you to.

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