Cross Crafts

(Christian Crafts For Kids)

Cross crafts can be used to illustrate so many Christian principles. I used this particular cross craft to teach my Sunday School class the deeper meaning of John3:16. Use this as a scripture craft. The kids love this one!

Teach them about the life of a Christian - that we have LIFE only because Jesus died on the cross.

I was taught how to do this paper craft when I was a little girl and I simply had to pass it on in order to fuel the Christian lives of your children too! (being a Titus 2 woman...)

The tearing of the paper is excellent fine muscle development excercise for toddlers. You can choose to only do the tearing, or if time allows you can paint and decorate your crosses.

Step by step instructions and photo's will make this a super easy craft to enjoy with your kids.

This is what you'll need:
One sheet of white paper

Step 1

Take the upper left corner and fold it down towards the right as on the photo.

Step 2

Bring the upper right point down towards the left so that after you have made the fold, you now have a house shape.

Step 3

Take the rectangular piece at the bottom and fold it upwards towards the triangle.

Step 4

This step does not involve any folding. Simply turn your folded paper over and it will look like this:

Step 5

Hold the paper by the left and fold it over towards the right side like on the photo.

Step 6&7

Step 6: Secure the fold.
Step 7: Draw 2 sets of dotted lines about 2,5cm apart.

Step 8

Tear first from top to bottom along the dotted line closest to the right edge. Make sure to hold on to the torn pieces. You'll use them just now.

Step 9

Now tear from top to bottom along the second dotted line.

Step 10

First unfold all the torn pieces. Do not unfold the bigger paper now.

Step 11

Eventually! Spell out the word L-I-F-E by using the torn pieces. Talk to your kids about the blessing of living a life according to God's will. Discuss the privilege of life itself - that we aren't generics, but that Jesus made each and everyone of us special and unique. We all have different abilities and talents to bring honor and praises to Him. Encourage your child to live life to the fullest.

Step 12

Fold open the other paper to unveil the cross. This gives you the opportunity to reinforce the truth that only through Jesus' crucifixion it is possible for us to look forward to eternal life.

I trust that you enjoyed this craft and that you were also blessed by sharing it with your children. They can, in turn, pass it on to their children one day.

Warning: Have some extra papers at hand - they might just ask to repeat this craft a few times. It's also a great way for your kids to show another child this "trick" and in such a way they can share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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