Esther In The Bible

Sunday School Worksheet On The Bible Story Of Esther

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Esther Sunday School Worksheet.
(The answers to the Esther in the Bible worksheet is on page 2 of the printout.)

About Esther

Esther about

Esther was a woman after God's heart!  She stood up for her nation,  the Jews.  She was a woman of courage and  just knew that she  had to stop the evil  Hamman!

Interesting facts:

Esther about

-Did you know that the word "God" does not appear once in the Bible book of Esther?

- Did you know that in every chapter, there's a party?

- Did you know that "Esther" is only one of two books in the Bible that are named after a woman? (The other book is  Ruth.)

Some advice:

If 10 chapters sound a bit daunting, read and discuss two chapters per day; the study will take one week.

Discover the full story by first reading through all the chapters from the book of Esther. It's an easy read for children; very much like a story. For this worksheet, it's important to concentrate on all the names that are mentioned in the book of Esther.

Put some emphasis on chapter 2:15, for in this verse you'll find the answer to the cryptogram on the worksheet. Enjoy!

Esther Youth Bible Study

For best results, finish this worksheet after you have completed the Esther Bible Study.

The Bible study focuses on the characteristics of Esther and touch on relevant topics like decision making, peer pressure, the necessity of prayer and courage.

Esther Coloring Page

esther coloring picture

Print out your free Esther coloring page which will help to retain the message behind the story. This is an original design by our Fueling Christian Life artist.

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