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Short Sermon Jesus coming #2

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Title: Jesus coming - Sermon 2 (of3
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Scripture reading taken from: Matthew 25:1-13

Now this is a parable, an illustration by Jesus Himself. Jesus is making an analyses to bring to our attention what we can expect and there’s nobody that’ll be able to paint or picture a story like Jesus. He uses earthly, natural things to bring to our attention what is, what is to come, and what will be.

The emphasis in this parable is that the bridegroom was delayed. They had oil and they went to sleep. Now: there’s nothing wrong with sleeping. The Bible tells the believer, “Let nothing go under before the sun sets.” Settles everything that bothers you. Be prepared. The oil is your preparation. Have a good relationship with your friends, your children and your husband. Then you can go sleep if you’ve done your day’s job and if you’re at peace with your work colleagues. Your preparation is done. So once more: nothing wrong with sleeping if there is a delay.

The problem is when you get up… if you haven’t prepared adequately, then you’ll run around like these 5 bridesmaids. Remember, Jesus is talking to the believer, not the unbeliever in this parable. He’s speaking to the church, making an analysis concerning the end-times. How it would be.

The delay is so long that all 10 bridesmaids fall asleep.

Sometimes we fall asleep in church. You’ll hear many people say they’re sick and tired of “church”. These people know their Bibles, can quote the scriptures. They can finish your sentences for you…
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They haven’t been true to themselves. That is one way of “sleeping”. Getting in a lull and sleep and have no oil. They thought they had oil, but when they wake up, they have to run around.

Because the delay is so long and Christ hasn’t returned yet, these church people (pastors, preachers, evangelists) decided to take the second wife and the third wife. They found other things to do while waiting.

The very reason why we don’t know when Christ is coming, is basically for that. If I had to know that Jesus is coming 40 years from now, then I’ll live as crazy as can be, and the day before, I’ll come and make a confession and cry… do all the things “church people” do to get into heaven.
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The Bible says there is a delay. Now in the early years (with no aeroplanes, buses and trains) they would call it a procession. The bridesmaids would get read with lamps of oil and a stick. On the journey they would travel towards the bridegroom’s house and from there again back to where the bride is. Normally it would take a week or more. The distance could be far. These people had to walk in the dark, the stick with the lamp at the feet, so that they could see where they were going.

Remember: they needed oil, but the delay was so long that they fell asleep. This is exactly what Jesus don’t want us to do.

Again: Nothing wrong in taking a nap. Just make sure that you are prepared.

  • Make sure that there is enough oil in your lamp. The word “oil” here refers to the anointing.
  • Make sure that you have enough of the anointing in your life.
  • You can only get anointing from Jesus Christ. Jesus is always present with us, will never leave, nor forsake us.

Physically He’s not with us, but by His Spirit He is.
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Check with your kids, your spouse and your work colleagues that all is fine. Don’t leave things “hanging in the air”. If you were wrong on something, go back when your anger has subsided and go apologize. Go say, “Sorry!” This forms part of your preparation.

  • You cannot borrow discipleship.
  • You cannot borrow maturity.

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At least when the five virgins discovered that they ran out of oil, they tried to borrow. We need to use our savvy. Say for instance you take ten of your years and you follow Christ diligently. You need to know what’s important and what’s urgent.

When you are blessed and have enough, there will always be people that want to come and borrow from you. They’ll even quote the scriptures to you. This is why I say: “when we party, we party! We live joyously according to His Word.

We did not become spiritually mature overnight. Our kids here at House of Praise go to Sunday School, they listen to the Sunday School teachers… they come to music school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, learn to play the instruments…

All of a sudden other groups want to “borrow” our kids to show off, but these people aren’t prepared to even attend one Bible study lesson or teach one Sunday School class.

Once again:

  • You cannot borrow the anointing.
  • You cannot borrow maturity.
  • You cannot borrow discipleship.

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It’s a process. The time for preparation is now! So when we speak about Jesus’ coming and the end of times, we don’t speak in a manner of fear. No! Because we’ve been reconciled with Jesus Christ already. He has translated us already out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light.

Remember the word “apocalypse”? It means to disclose, to unveil. So what needs to be unveiled? All the hidden things of the darkness. The books that people ‘cooked’ in the darkness, the things they did behind the scenes. All those things are going to be unveiled by Christ. That’s why we speak of the “unveiling glory”.

When Christ appear, the darkness cannot hide. We already are in the Light, although the works of the Christian will be exposed. Therefore we have to make sure that we are prepared and have enough oil.

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The bottom line is that we shouldn’t fall into that gap where we are the ones that stand up and look for oil. We should always be full to the brim! The moment you are looking for oil, it tells you one thing: You are out of relationship with Jesus.

He is the giver of the anointing. The term “Christ” is not Jesus’ surname; it is a title. It means anointed one. The anointed one won’t rock up without the anointing. When Jesus rocks up, His anointing is with Him. Anointing is there to basically make things easier. It helps you in doing the things that you couldn’t do on your own - that you should have done…

  • The anointing destroys the yoke.
  • The anointing is doing now what I couldn’t do then.
  • God anoints us to do things in the spiritual which we were unable to do in the natural.

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When we do however find ourselves ‘running around’, it is sometimes a good thing. We must just remember to fall on our knees and say, “Lord, we ask your forgiveness” - we can still prepare…

It’s better to settle ourselves now, than to run around in the hour before Jesus comes. There’s no time to disciple anybody when Jesus comes.

- In the twinkle of an eye we shall be like Him.
- It’s an event of things.

Scripture reading: Ezekiel 14:12-20

Irrespective of who there is, how much anointing you have, in that day if people will come, you will be saved, but you won’t be able to save anybody. In any case – we never had the power to save anybody. Jesus alone saves people. He’s referring to righteousness. We have a right standing with the Lord.

Spiritual Maturity cannot grow within a day. It takes a lifetime. If you don’t listen to the Word and obey the Holy Spirit, you end up paying double for your trouble!!

Maturity is a journey. Sometimes we loose money or relationships along the way, but this is how you grow towards maturity.

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People will come and proclaim that they don’t have oil – be alert to them. We need to teach people that the time to fill your lamp with anointing is now.

The aim of this sermon was to make you more knowledgeable about the end-times and to make you more prepared.

As individuals, as families, as congregations we should invest in our children. When you have family altar, include your kids as part of the exercise. We need to prepare them. Lead your sons into a priestly role by letting them bless the food at dinner.

”Training for reigning” – reigning to rule.

If you are a born again Christian and a believer, work on a good spiritual inheritance that you’ll leave to your kids. Don’t leave them spiritually bankrupt. They won’t be able to find balance in life this way. Teach them to seek the Lord. Teach your children how to pray. If you train your kids up in God’s ways, then they in return will not be the ones running around and borrowing oil.

Every person is responsible for his own spiritual condition. It is never the pastor’s, evangelist’s or church’s fault.

When you came to the Lord, you came as an individual: “Father, I’m a sinner; I repent; I receive You as Lord and Saviour.” There are various gifts within the body to help, equip or train, but it is your spiritual responsibility to eat. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” We must make sure that we have a healthy appetite to fuel our Christian lives with the Word of God.

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The Bible promises health, prosperity, blessings and a lot of other things. It is delayed, but not denied! That promotion, that idea that you had – it seems as if nothing is happening – there’s a delay. All I can tell you, it is not denied.

When God promises, He fulfils His promises. Spiritual preparation cannot be bought or borrowed at the last minute. Keep on preaching! When I (the servant leader pastor of House of Praise Home Church in Kuils River) throw a curveball at you to prepare a sermon, make use of the opportunity. Remember when you have coffee with a good friend and you share some of your life and encourage that person, they can develop an appetite. That’s also a way of preaching. Share your lunch at school. Pray with a friend that’s down and ask your parents to pray too. Recognize when others’ lamps are running on empty. Make use of opportunities to fill those lamps.

God is using the church – we are ambassadors and we have the opportunity to do it now.

If the Lord shuts the door, it remains shut. Look at

- Noah. After 120 years of preaching, only eight people were saved.
- Abraham asked the Lord, “If only ten can be saved.” Abraham – friend of God, tried to intercede.
- Lot’s wife turned into a salt pillar…

Jesus says, “I did not come to condemn the world, but to save it.” Neither are we here to condemn the world. Make use of the opportunity to introduce people to Jesus, the anointed one.

So fill your lamps. Be prepared. Be blessed!

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