How To Live Holy - Is It Possible?

Short Sermon Preached At House Of Praise Home Church

Kuils River

Title: How to live holy.

This morning I want to share with you some life experience. How something which I hated to believe about myself, became so true of my life. Then I want to link this experience to the communion we’re having today.

When I was in high school in grade 9, my sister was in grade 12. She was the head daughter of our school, very academic, played for the first hockey team, etc. So I subconsciously developed a complex that my 80% year mark was never good enough. I never played for any 1st team; neither did I become the head daughter of my school.

To add on to this feeling, my mother had the habit of telling me that I’m an extremely practical person. How I hated those words! During that time I experienced “practical” as the opposite of “academic”. Deep within me I also wanted to be referred to as “academic”.

So life went on…. I got married… had children. And from time to time I was still reminded of how such a practical person I am! So one day I asked my mother why she keeps on saying this thing about me. What’s this practical story? Her answer – I know you, and one day you’ll understand. So I left it there, though not truly happy with the answer.

So life went on… and as I grew as a person and started having a relationship with God, I made certain choices, like homeschooling our children, coming alongside them, training them not only in academics, but also in character. Training their hearts. Basically living a Deuteronomy 6 life. I realized that being organized, getting up before my household and planning wholesome meals for every day of the week, growing my own veggies, playing the clarinet – the list can get very long here… I realized that I started living a Proverbs 31 life.

Every morning at 09h00 I’m having Bible time with my kids, at home altar in the evenings we discuss topics and we pass on to them what we have learned from the Word of God. I became part of, as our home school moms are calling it, the Titus 2-mandate…

This morning I’m proud to announce to you that I understand now that I’ve become an extremely practical person!

And by the grace of God – I have a good relationship with my sister, she’s a beautiful, bright woman of integrity living a life pleasing to God…

So what happened here? Someone who knew me believed a truth about my life. I did not want to believe it, because I could not figure out the meaning of that truth. And only through life experience, grace and wisdom from God, I can live this truth today.

Now – last week my husband planted a truth, not a thought, a truth in our spirits – that God believes great things about us. He believes that we are? …. Yes, holy. The question is – do we believe that about ourselves?

  • Do we believe that we are able to stand clean and forgiven before God? By keeping on sinning and desiring a sinful life, we harm our right standing with God which is referred to as righteousness. We cannot deserve righteousness or forgiveness, but we can repent our sins and receive our righteousness.
    How to live holy : Repent sins to receive righteousness.
  • Our own efforts sometimes seems so powerless. It is! It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can “come clean” and be renewed. The works of the Holy Spirit in our lives make it possible to become more and more like Jesus. This means that we can be sanctified.
    How to live holy : Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into doing God’s will and this will bring you closer to Jesus.
  • Is it possible to be free of sin before God? When we repent our sin and live an acceptable life before God and believe that Jesus paid the price for our sin, we are free. Free of sins means redeemed.
    How to live holy : Believe that the act of Jesus’ crucifixion paid the price for your sin (death). You now are free from sin (have access to eternal life) and are redeemed!
  • The result of righteousness is justification. Remember: we traded our sins for forgiveness and are now clean (not guilty) before God.
    How to live holy : Do some exchanging. Trade your sin for forgiveness.

The Christian life is a process and by living our lives in such a way that it is steered by the Holy Spirit, we can now become holy in God’s sight.

Before the foundation of the earth, God knew the purpose of each and every one of us. Because of God’s insight, love, wisdom and knowledge into our lives right from the beginning, we are now able to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We have an identity in Christ and we now become more and more like Him and can receive our:

  • righteousness
  • sanctification
  • redemption
  • justification
  • holiness

Like my mother knew that specific truth about me, how much more does God not know the truth about His own children? He shows us by His Spirit how to live holy.

This truth of ‘being holy’ might be hard to believe because we cannot ‘figure it out’. How can we be holy if we have a sinful nature? And being the practical person that I am…. I always try to classify things as black or white. No grey areas…

So what I ‘figured out’ from this one, is the following:

  • God loves us
  • God hates sin
  • God believes we are holy

The only way I can view it at this stage, is that Jesus Christ is our mediator. He wiped out all the sin that God hated about man, by dying on the cross. This means that we can be ‘clean’, HOLY.

The only thing that we can do to get closer to the truth and understanding this truth and living this truth, is to do what Psalm 119:11 says. Let us read this. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” By studying the Bible, not just reading for the sake of reading and thinking – a chapter a day will keep Satan away – no, by studying the Bible, I believe that God will lead us as a ‘House’ to discover even greater truths about Him and about ourselves.

When we use communion this morning, let’s no longer slumber on thoughts of how sinful we are, but let us rather thank Jesus that He made it possible for us to be Holy in God’s eyes.


(End of Short Sermon - "How To Live Holy")

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