Newsletter Ideas For Your Home Church Newsletter

All church members are always hungry for “information on the congregation”. It’s important to constantly introduce new newsletter ideas to keep your members informed and focused.

Wait, you haven't started a newsletter? Read all you need to know on how to create a newsletter.

How Do I Keep Their Interest?

Supply information that will keep them interested, but also include a few things that will challenge them spiritually.

Think of your monthly theme. What are you focussing on at the moment? Make room for the Holy Spirit to operate so that it can lead and guide you in finding newsletter ideas for your church’s newsletter.

Be creative in finding new newsletter ideas and offer your readers a wide variety to keep the “spark”.

I’ll share with you some of the ideas that we use at our Home Church. They will lay a steady foundation and have proved to keep our members’ interest month after month.

Newsletter Ideas:

Message or encouragement

  • Insert a message of encouragement for the church, usually relating to the theme of the month/year. For e.g. a message for couples/family if the theme is "Focus on the family".
  • Include references/sources of information if not your own.
  • Messages should have a Biblical reference.

Advertise forth coming events (as reminders) or main events for that specific month on the front page of the newsletter.

Add etc accordingly. For "Hats off to the Ladies-High Tea"... use pictures of hats and highlight relevant information (i.e dates,times,venue)

Variety boosters: (Cartoons, Bible quiz, Books, CD’s)

  • For variety, add cartoons (also relevant to the theme of the month). We use cartoons from websites such as
  • Include a Bible quiz, word search competition or an interesting Bible Fact.
  • Advertise and make recommendations for Christian literature/resources on sermon topics or topics discussed at the mid-week meetings.
  • Recommend some CD's for listening in order to get acquainted with new songs introduced during praise and worship.
  • Include some short Christian jokes.

We sometimes add a 'chatter' section which includes an interview of someone at church. The individual is chosen randomly, irrespective of age. The purpose of 'Chatter' is to get to know an individual a little better (e.g their dreams, favourite food, songs or something about them that others may find interesting). We find that this is usually the most popular section.

More cool newsletter ideas:

  • Print newsletter on different colours of paper for visual appeal.
  • Hand out printed copies of Newsletters at the first Sunday Service of the month or place electronic versions on your website or email to those that prefer email.
  • Vary colors and font according to your individual preference. Use a border of your choice. If it’s Easter for example, you can use crosses. When it’s close to Christmas, your can use little bells and in February you can even make use of a hearty border.
  • Add a little heart-shaped chocolate covered in red paper to the left hand upper corner of the Valentines newsletter. When it’s Spring, add a little plastic flower or a leaf for the Fall…

I trust that you found some great ideas to include in your next newsletter! Be blessed as you create something special for your group or church. Just give it a go and you’ll be totally surprised as you discover some hidden talents within you. God enables us to do anything. All that is needed is willingness, a humble heart and open spirit!

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