Renewal Of The Mind

Inspirational Messages - Sermon Preached at House of Praise Home Church

Kuils River

Title: Renewal of the mind

If you knew me ten years ago, you would not think that I would be able to minister this word to you this morning. I had a massive issue with prosperity in the church. With prosperity teaching. So this morning I’m going to go completely against that grain.
Scripture reading: Isaiah 45:1-3 (New International Version) renewal of the mind
1 "This is what the LORD says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut:
2 I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.
3 I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name

The best things of God are hidden. Even the Gospel, the ultimate news the earth could’ve receive from God, was hidden for centuries. It was a good thing. Old Testament prophets got little glimpses of it. But it was there. It existed. God had it in His mind, but it was hidden. It was there to be revealed by God in season.

There are things for you in this life to discover. For you to receive. Whatever it is… whether it is healing, whether it be finances, whatever it is. There are things that God has in store for you to discover.

  • And you won’t get to it, without faith
  • And you won’t get to it without taking bold steps
  • You won’t get to it by playing it safe
renewal of the mind
If we would ask Aunty Ursula(one of our successful business women) this morning – how did she get to where she was? Just as a practical example. She made some bold moves. There were times when her heart failed of fear. There were times when she felt very insecure. But her testimony this morning was that she received far more than she ever could have dreamed of as a child.

The fact that you don’t see anything, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything for you. Church, we are spiritual beings. We apprehend things spiritually. We are not led by our sight.

  • And as long as we act only on the things that we see, we will not discover the treasures
  • We will not discover the things that are in the hidden places
renewal of the mind
We walk by faith and not by sight. Now, I know we want to spiritualize this, but here I’m talking about things that will change your life. That will revolutionize your life. That will take you from the person with problems to the person with testimonies. But you must be willing to

  • trust
  • have faith
  • walk
  • and you must be willing to act
renewal of the mind
I’m going to make a bit of a brash statement now: you know, I recognize inferiority when I see it. I recognize fear of life when I see it. Let me tell you something this morning, it pervades in this place.

We are birds of a feather and we flock together. It is natural human tendency to associate with those that are like you, and of course there are exceptions. But there is a fear of life. There is inferiority in this place. We are scared to take the next step. We are scared to become bold. We are scared to trust God. Now why can I say it with so much authority? … because it’s me.

We might thing that we honor God by playing safe. We will die the way we are. And we will have tasted nothing. Our testimony will be nothing. Don’t tell me: I needed $10 and then God gave me $10, and that’s my testimony. Yes, in a certain circumstance that can be a massive testimony. But come on, church, there is more!! There is so much more!! But we’ve got to start some place – it’s got to be …

in our minds…

Because if we’re thinking wrong… When Satan comes and say: ‘Is that the way a Christian is, and what do we do? – we start defending. And we loose our boldness. You’re on your way to bless somebody and something happens (the child spills milk in the car, whatever), and yes, you loose your boldness. We go on the defensive, and while we’re busy defending, we are not able to attack. Now what is the place we need to attack? Last week we had a sermon on “Facing Your Giants”. You know when you face a giant, and when you sleigh a giant, there is a reward. There is something that enriches your life, there is something that makes you more than what you were before.

Go look at the Old Testament saints. They were holy men of God, but when they took a land, they plundered it. They took it, they ripped it out. They fully took their victory. And they were richer afterwards. Yes, some may have fallen in the battle, but they were richer. They had something, they took something - something that was substance. And they brought that, and they offered to the Lord.

But you must pick the battles. Don’t pick the defensive ones. Don’t pick the ones that help justify yourself and… trying to proof to somebody something that you’re not. Pick the ones that are in line with your identity, with who you are, who you were created to be.

Everybody knows the scripture that says that in Christ we are new creatures. We know that scripture says that we have to have our minds renewed. Let me just go back to that new creature. That is not just like… oh, I was a sinner and now I’m not a sinner anymore…

You are something different. A type of mankind that the earth has not seen before. You are a being that has been awakened to God. You have Christ infused inside of you.

Now I ask you this: if you have Christ in you, can your expectation of life be the same as before? It has to be more! Otherwise – what’s the point?

When I say: you have to have your mind renewed, I want to ask two people – what does the statement mean to you?

(answers from the audience)
- change the way you think
- the way you’ve been thinking before has turned around completely

So give me some practical examples?

(answers from the audience)
- treat others the way youwant to be treated
- go to God when you need something, instead of phoning someone

These were both good examples, but there’s something that comes before that:

The renewal of the mind has to start with the way that you view yourself. You are who you think you are.

So – where must we feed ourselves from? Where must we get this thinking from? It has to be what God says. It’s the highest authority in eternity.

You know we read books. We’re trying to overcome anger, maybe we have a problem with alcohol, we want to overcome lying… We want to treat the symptoms. Your mind has to be renewed!. Renewal of the mind is so important. You know, when somebody looses a limb, it can take you months to adjust to the fact that the limb is not there anymore. His mind keeps thinking that he still has a limb. It is the same thing with us. We have to embrace what scripture says we have become in Christ. Because if we don’t, it’s wasted.

That will open up possibilities for us as individuals, for us corporately. To do things, to be something, to be a blessing, to introduce the supernatural, to be vessels. “Impossible is nothing” ( Adidas quote).

Why do we play safe? I’m not saying you must be stupid about it. Nothing of this can happen without the leading of the Holy Spirit, but we must have our minds opened up to the possibilities to be led into places that we are uncomfortable with. Because if we don’t, we limit God. We go through life 10, 15 years – so frustrated with the gospel. If the Holy Spirit doesn’t give us some sort of tinkling feeling on Sunday morning, we are discouraged. We say, oh I don’t know how it’s working anymore? In the meantime it’s you!

You’re scared! You’re inferior. You’re taking your value from another place. It’s you, you’re the blockage. There’s a Christ in you, there’s a Lion in you that’s roaring to get out! But you constrain him. I am constraining him.

Another point: When I say the words ‘a carnal mind’ or ‘a sinful mind’ – what springs to mind? Two examples from the audience.

(answer from the audience)
- negative thoughts

You know, generally when we say ‘the carnal mind’ we think, oh – the robbers, the prostitutes, the politicians… Get this …

The carnal mind is at war with God.

Scripture reading: renewal of the mind
Romans 8:7(King James Version)

7Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

Romans 8:7 (New International Version) renewal of the mind 7the sinful mind[a] is hostile to God. It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so. renewal of the mind Romans 8:7 (New Living Translation) renewal of the mind 7 For the sinful nature is always hostile to God. It never did obey God’s laws, and it never will.

Yes, the carnal mind is full of lust, sinful… but what if we add to the carnal mind this idea: the carnal mind refuses to believe what God says about him. That’s you, that’s me. Are you getting that? It’s sinful. It’s faithless. It’s not something about living nice little lives and make a good income, fetching our kids from school… all good things, we should do those…

The carnal mind refuses to believe God. And if you do not believe that you are a supernatural being with supernatural powers, with supernatural abilities, with a supernatural God, then you my friend, and I, are carnal.

Because you’re thinking like the world. This is exactly how the world thinks. This is exactly what the world tries to reason out. I want this to settle: The carnal mind is a mind that refuses to believe God. And if God talks to you and expects you to do something, and you don’t, it’s a carnal mind… refuses to believe God.

I think that that is probably one of the single most reasons the church is in a state that it is. People do not believe who they are. Satan holds us busy, we’re here and there, we defend this and we defend that, and oh – your dad was a bit of a monster, he never gave you a good compliment, influences… How much longer are we going to be controlled by those thoughts? How much longer are we going to give it influence over us?

I mean: God delights in cofounding the world to take vessels of dishonor and change them into honor. Is that not what we want? Gee, I want to be a vessel of honor!

Jesus says ‘to do the will of my Father is my food.’ You know, when He spoke to the Samarian woman at the well and they said ‘oh Lord you must eat’and He said ‘no no, I get food that you don’t know about, food of doing the will of my Father.’

Now I want to ask you this: when last have you been fed by doing the will of God? On Wednesday night while we were worshipping, I realized that I need to do the will of God more. Because there’s a Christ inside of you, yes, there’s a Lion inside of you – he’s kind of … not looking very strong because he’s not been fed.

Doing the will of God feeds us. Church, we need to look for opportunities to be fed. It’s not about us feeling comfortable in situations. If we’re going to wait for us to feel comfortable, about taking a step, we’re gonna spend our life waiting. If you do something and it’s not what God wants done, then He will show you. renewal of the mind

I was busy with this word last night, I was trying to pen it down and then I knew I shouldn’t. I knew I mustn’t pen this word down, I should just talk to you this morning. He tells you. He leads you. He shows you. He’s there, but it’s because we don’t believe He’s inside of us, we don’t do things. We do nothing. renewal of the mind

I think you got the just of what I wanted to share this morning. There is a hope. There is a future and it’s for you! It doesn’t have to mean your future is talking to a thousand people. You can be a leader of commerce. But you got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Paul says: ‘I rejoice in my weaknesses.’ What’s he saying? ‘Where I’m weak, I am strong’ He’s saying: When I’m out of my depth, then God is there! There’s space for God to give a testimony. renewal of the mind I want to encourage you this morning, and I’m encouraging myself with it – moving away from our way of thinking, is difficult, but some of you have not even looked into what you have become in Christ. You’ve sung the songs, you’ve been in anointed services, but you’ve never actually even looked, to try and understand who you are. renewal of the mind

There is a Christ in you that wants to break forth. renewal of the mind

God is in you! renewal of the mind

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