Sermon On Praise

Preached at House of Praise Home Church

Kuils River

This sermon on praise and worship was inspired by a music show that I went to watch with my sister. I was just enjoying the show, relaxing and suddenly the Lord gave me a Word which transformed into this morning's sermon.

Title: A New Perspective On Praise And Worship

When we worship the Lord, we are like the artist performing, and Jesus is the audience listening and looking on. I’m not going to focus on the details of praise and worship, but in this sermon on praise and worship, I’d like to highlight a few concepts. I trust that this will bring to you also a new perspective.

What was Jesus’ words and instructions on worship?

(Part one - Sermon on Praise and Worship)

Scripture reading: John 4:24

"24God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."

From this scripture we gather that we cannot “do” worship on our own. Sometimes we do not feel like worship. Sometimes we’re not in the mood. Sometimes we are in the mood.

So we need the Holy Spirit’s help to worship.

Let’s go back to the actual show I watched Friday evening. There were various artists.

  • The one was singing very classical, very formal and he was quite rigid in his performance.
  • One lady did ballads – it was like a story she was singing.
  • Another lady very skilfully played the harp.
  • There was a guy singing contemporary music – more upbeat and lively.
  • The last performer sang mostly Afrikaans music in a very energetic style.

In the same way – When we get together as believers on a Sunday morning to worship the Lord, and even during the week, we have different styles. There is not one set of rules that we can set out to follow in this sermon on praise and worship today.

We use different languages

- The Holy Spirit’s language
- Our mother language
- Even our emotions. We cry or laugh.

Some people are more rigid and still while worshipping. Others are not. We should not look at them. This is how they do it. We must worship according to our character, our style, our personality. That is what the Lord wants from us.

Even the artist that perform – they do not want to be somebody else! The one guy who sang classical music did not run about on stage. No, he performed in a way to please his audience, because the people who came to see him, want that from him. They know his style. We should not look at anybody around us.

We should be unique in the way that we worship the Lord.

Who qualifies to worship the Lord?

Scripture reading: Psalm 150:6 (New International Version)

" Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD "

- So in this morning's sermon on praise: if you have breath, you have no excuse not to worship the Lord.

Now we come to the audience

(Part two - Sermon on Praise and Worship)

When we come to praise and worship, Jesus Christ is the most important visitor here. You are standing on the stage and Jesus is sitting in the chair. He watches what you are doing… but He is not alone. He invites people. Remember – when you go to a show, you also sometimes invite people. You don’t want to go alone. Whether it’s your husband of wife, children or a friend.

Before the time you are very excited about the show coming up. You know you bought a ticket and you know the upcoming time and date of the show. In the same way Jesus is also excited. He’s looking forward to us coming together and celebrating and worshipping Him. Jesus also bought a ticket. He paid for it with His blood. We are fortunate in that way.

But Jesus invites a few people! He invites God the Father, God the Holy Spirit. Angels are also around when we worship. Satan and his demons are unfortunately also watching. I would call them a captive audience, because they don’t really enjoy the worship and praise that we give unto Jesus.

When the show is on people clap, they give applause, they enjoy the show and also relax, because they do not have to be on the stage and perform, know the words, know the melody. In the same way when Jesus comes to our celebration, He can just sit and relax and enjoy the praise and worship that we give to Him.

Before the show

(Part three - Sermon on Praise and Worship)

Before a Sunday celebration, or any other performance, you have to warm up your voice. What do you do during the week to praise and worship? Are you just coming here on a Sunday morning to praise and worship? Or are you constantly doing it every day – so when you get together on a Sunday morning, it comes naturally. You don’t want to force it. Now that’s the one thing – an artist warms up his vocal chords.

The other thing is: they dress up. They groom themselves properly. They also are excited about the show. In the same way in Exodus 19 when God instructed the Israelites to come before Him in worship, He asked them: ‘Go and wash your clothes’. We have to come with clean hearts before the Lord. There must not be anything that can hinder us. Looking at the lovely outfit of a performer, reminds me of Psalm 33:1. Let’s look at different translations.

“Praise is comely for the upright” – comely means it is pleasant to look at. Like a husband looks at his wife and he says, ‘Wow you look stunning today.’

“Praise from the upright is beautiful” – your praises are beautiful to Him

“It is fitting for the upright to praise Him”

“It is right to praise the Lord”

Let's move on to the final part in this sermon on praise.

Performance time!

The artists are now on stage and they are performing. There’s an energy that comes from that performance. When we unite as believers on a Sunday morning, there’s also energy!

  • It gives strength to us when we worship
  • It lifts up spirits that are downcast
  • It brings encouragement
  • It makes you feel good
  • It’s pleasing to God

It’s like an adrenalin rush, why not do it?

Scripture reading: Psalm 33:1-3

  • ”Let all the joys of the godly well up in praise to the Lord, for it is right to praise him” - if we think of something welling up, it is like a balloon getting filled with air. It’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And what happens? It pops! It must be like that with us as well. During the week we’re praising and worshipping the Lord and it’s welling up during the week. When we get together on a Sunday morning, it POPS! Everything explodes… That is very pleasing to God.
  • ”Play joyous melodies of praise upon the lyre and on the harp” - we don’t always have to praise with our voices. We can also praise with musical instruments.
  • ”Compose new songs of praise to Him, accompanied skilfully on the harp” - we don’t always have to worship in the same manner or with the same words. Be creative in the way that you worship the Lord
  • ”sing joyfully” - enjoy it! Don’t be sad about it…

I want to end off with a joke. Normally preachers would start with a joke.

(cartoon used with permission from Matt Gover)

I want to ask you: - Do you get it?
- Do you know what it is all about?
- Is it in your spirit?
- Do you mean what you sing when we come together on a Sunday morning?
- Do you notice the words that you are singing?
- Or do you just sing and forget the words when you go home?

I trust that in the future when you think of this sermon on praise and worship, that you’ll be reminded of this new perspective I shared with you this morning.

Remember – there’s something important after the show. What happens afterwards if the show was really good? Correct, the audience ask for an encore. Jesus should be shouting ENCORE!!! I want more, MORE. MORE!!!

I end off with Psalm 104:34 “May my meditation be pleasing to Him as I rejoice in the Lord.”


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