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Short Sermon "Jesus coming #3"

Short Inspirational Message Preached at House of Praise Home Church

Although this short inspirational message (or short sermon) can be studied and enjoyed on its own, you may also be interested in the short sermon “Jesus coming #1” and the short sermon “Jesus coming #2”. which complements this sermon.

Title: Short Sermon - Jesus coming #3

Short Inspirational Message

The greatest expectation of all times is the return of Jesus Christ. We need to have this expectation. If not, your hope is in vain!

Let’s look at John, the disciple whom Jesus loved. After all the disciples became martyrs and were crucified upside down, John was thrown into boiling oil… and he survived. Later on the isle of Patmos, they left him. There John saw the heavens open and an angel says, “Behold, I am coming quickly!” (Rev22:7a)

When we look at the book of Revelation, it is an exciting book! You know, you don’t need to fear? If you are a believer, then you don’t need to fear the book of Revelation. It speaks about us! It says that John wrote these things to the church - Not to the world!

John had some insight and he could gladly write it all down with humility. He had a glimpse into eternity. Not only was there John, but also a guy named Peter. We know all about Peter the fisherman. After the transfiguration, when God allowed Peter a glimpse of His unveiled glory, Peter was never the same again! It is no wonder he said, “I’m not worthy to be crucified in the same manner like my Master. Rather turn me upside down… he said this because he had a glimpse of the unveiled Jesus. He said, “Can’t we put up three statues? One for Jesus, one for Elijah and one for Moses?

I tell you; all you need is one glimpse of the unveiled glory. No matter what amount of suffering that might come your way, you will be able to stand. Whatever you are going through in this life – a little glimpse of Jesus Christ and His return, will set you straight.

Apostle Paul and Grace

Short Inspirational Message

Like the apostle Paul on the road of Damascus when he asked, “Who are You Lord?” He answered, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.” One little glimpse of the unveiled glory turned the life of the apostle Paul, a persecutor of the church, into one who wrote more books in the New Testament that we could ever dream of. He contributed the most concerning the gospel that we are experiencing today.

What happened? What is the effect of a glimpse of the unveiled Jesus? That was not the Jesus that walked on the earth. He was in His splendour and in His glory. So when Paul write the book of Titus, he says, “This grace of God has appeared unto all men.” Not only did the grace of God appear unto all men, but it says that the grace of God:

  • teaches us to say “NO” to ungodliness
  • shapes us
  • moulds us.

When Jesus is coming, and He’s coming very, very soon, it will be the grace of God that teaches our children in this life to say not to ungodliness.

Remember we spoke last week on the five foolish virgins that had no oil in their lamps? (Jesus coming sermon #2) The wise ones had extra oil and we made the comparison about the anointing.

Now we’re speaking on the return of Jesus Christ. I don’t want us to be foolish and put a date to it. That is not the emphasis. The bottom line is that we must be adequately prepared. One can never be enough prepared for the return of Jesus Christ.

Miller Article

Short Inspirational Message

I’m going to read you this article. Listen carefully.

William Miller, when newly converted, had torn into the prophecies of Daniel and concluded in 1818 that Christ would return in 1844. When he later began preaching, this became a keynote of his message. His listeners found him earnest and sincere and multiplied. He finally announced that Christ would return to the earth on October 22, 1844. The financial “panic” (or recession) of 1839 contributed to the belief that the end of the world was approaching.

- It is normal that when there are earthquakes and things like that, that people are very fearful. That contributed to the theory. –

Enthusiasm for Christ’s return became so great that prophetic charts were added alongside stock market listings and current events in the newspapers… As the morning of October 22 1844 dawned, a sense of fear fell over New England. People gathered on mountain tops and in churches. Normal activities ceased as everyone waited the sudden renting of the skies and the end of the world. When the day passed uneventfully, many Christians grew disillusioned, the unsaved became cynical, the following years saw a decline in conversions and the period of revivals came to an abrupt end. The event became known as “The Great Dissappointment”.

His Return Is A Reality

Short Inspirational Message

When we speak about the return of Jesus Christ, it is

  • a reality
  • a fact
  • a promise.

In Revelation 22:12 the Bible says that Christ will return.

It is something that we have to live with. When you get up in the morning and when you go sleep at night, you must have this idea fixed in your mind that Jesus can come at any time!


Short Inspirational Message

When we make decisions, we must make them to the fact that knowing Jesus can come any day. If we exclude Him in our decisions, at the end of time, it might just be a great disappointment. It will be a great disappointment for some.

Let’s read what Revelations says. It says, “And behold, I come quickly and my reward is with Me to give every man according to his work.”

God won’t just “usher” Jesus Christ back into the earth on the cloud of glory, but He will have His reward with Him. We should be the most excited people on earth, for He is coming back not just to be present with us, but He’s coming to reward us.

What will He reward?

Short Inspirational Message

He will reward your faithfulness. That tells us that we need to take care of

  • how we live our everyday lives
  • how we raise our kids
  • how we function as fathers, as priests in the house.

Rewarding my priestly duty

Short Inspirational Message

That is the emphasis. I am doing my priestly duties. I will do it accordingly, because Christ is returning and He has a reward with Him.

I am already excited for the mere fact that I’m born again and that He’s coming back for me, but now the bonus: He is coming with a reward.

He has a reward for this priestly duty! For encouraging you (the reader of this sermon) in this part of the vineyard. For teaching those kids, Lynette. (Sunday School Teacher)… how you teach them with diligence and trying to shape character within them… for raising your own children in the fears of the Lord.

He’s coming with a reward!!! He is going to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We need to expect that reward. We need to look out for that reward. The way that we are looking out for that reward will determine how I prepare myself. How I raise the little baby there… (pointing to a baby)… He needs to hear his parents sing the praises of the Lord, he needs to see his parents sit at a meal, bow down and give thanks unto the Lord. Whether it be one slice of toast of a full roast… we must acknowledge the rulership and reign of Christ in our lives.

That is a life that expects the return of Jesus Christ. No man knows the hour or the time.

The workplace

Short Inspirational Message

No longer do I go to work to earn a wage to pay my bond. I go to work as a pleasing sacrifice unto God. It is an offering unto God. I do my work and I don’t see it as a problem. If I am a teacher, I do not see the kids as unruly anymore.

I should pray this sample prayer: “Here I am, Your ambassador. How do I focus on this situation? Give me grace, oh Lord!”

Allow the grace of God to teach you to say no to ungodliness. Sometimes you loose your temper and you want to say some ungodly things… but there is the opportunity where we can step back and allow the grace of God to teach us. Why? Because Christ is coming back. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Each day that goes by, draws nearer to His return.

From now on I will officiate to my business in a Christ like manner.

When you are at your work, especially you barbers cutting people’s hair (barbers always want to know your business). While cutting hair, make conversation, tell your client you’ve been praying for him/her. Encourage people, speak life into situations. Instead of saying, “I think you should’ve left her long ago!” (Laughter) We have the option to shape the lives of other people. God has placed us here to minister. We are ministers of reconciliation. If we do this properly and adequately, low and behold, when Christ returns, there is a reward.


Short Inspirational Message

We get excited when it is pay-day, right? Just before pay-day we’re sometimes on that last cracker. So pay-day is coming! When Jesus returns, it will be the biggest pay-day ever!

Some wouldn’t want those wages, for the wages of sin are dead. Eternally dead. Some has worked for their wages, but they wouldn’t want to receive that envelope.

For when they’ll see Christ on the cloud of Glory, they’re going to be gripped with fear. Even in the New Testament, when it was prophesied that Christ will come, the shepherds that watched over the flocks, were frightened. The angel said, “Fear not.” Even Herod was gripped with fear when he heard the news that the King was born. So scared that he ordered that all the first born must be killed.

When Christ comes and when people hear you speak about this, it brings about a disturbance in their life or rejoicing.

People will start defending themselves. Why? Because inside they are fearful of the Name of Jesus.

Are you excited about your pay-packet? About your wages?

Short Inspirational Message


Short Inspirational Message

We will see Jesus in His full array. In His full glory. In His full stature.

It will be an awesome day! Every eye shall see and every tongue shall confess.

Let us be prepared. Do some introspection and re-evaluate yourself today. How is your relationship with God? How is your relationship with your spouse?

If we know that God is preparing a place for us, how can we live as if we are not interested in that?

Make a decision today to do things the way Jesus wants them to be done. If the root is good, the fruit will be good.

It is encouraging that we can still prepare ourselves. In all our festivities, we should keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!


Short Inspirational Message

There are more than 300 promises in the Bible about Jesus'coming. You can read and study some of these scriptures on Jesus’ return. All of these scriptures push you to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

Scripture readings:

  • Matt 24:30
  • Matt 24:44
  • Acts 1:11
  • 1 Tess 4:16
  • 2 Peter 3:10
  • Rev 1:7

There is no better preparing for Jesus’ second coming that to prepare. The best reward ever to give yourself, is to be prepared for Jesus’ return.

We also have a powerful, short Mid Week Bible study on the same topic of Jesus' Second Coming.

Short Inspirational Message

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